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At Adelaide Laser Skincare we use asap and Environ Medical Skin Peels.


The purpose of Skin peels is to assist in erasing skin imperfections and improve skin tone and texture as well as restore skin clarity. It will revitalise and rejuvenate the skin by exfoliating and removing the outermost layer of the skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ, it also happens to be the most exposed. Every time we step outside, we expose our skin to harmful ultraviolet rays, changes in climate, pollutants and other elements that cause damage to the skin.

Exfoliation of the skin is key to maintaining healthy functioning skin.

Peels can significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as, fine lines and wrinkles, irregular texture, dull and sallow skin, hyper pigmentation and acne.
At Adelaide Laser Skincare we offer asap or Environ peels.

asap’s range of peels provide a non-invasive procedure for clients seeking visible results and can be customised to provide the level of exfoliation required. All skin types will benefit from skin peels regardless of skin condition, age, gender and ethnic background.

Environ skin peels are based on the physiology of the skin; it should be protected and treated very well. If the skin aggressively peeled this disrupts the skin’s natural moisture barrier and water will easily be lost, thus causing dehydration of the skin. The Environ skin peel removes the excess horny layer of the skin and maintains the water-proofing barrier of the skin. Environ skin peels are ideal for hydrating and refining. The Lactic Acid skin peel will repair and encourage exfoliation, revealing fresh and youthful glowing skin. Environ Skin peels are designed to preserve the architecture of the skin simultaneously stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis to increase collagen in dermis.

There is no downtime. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment. You may experience mild redness following your Skin peels. One to three days following your procedure may notice mild to moderate peeling of the skin.
  • Improve the freshness and smoothness of the complexion
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assist with acne and help reduce congestion and blocked pores
  • Promote hydration for firmer, smoother skin
  • Help increase cellular turnover
  • Improve the texture of the skin and stimulate collagen renewal
  • Improve superficial scarring and irregular pigmentation
  • Benefit the face, neck, hands and de-colletage



Medical Peels + LED $155
Medical Peel $115