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At Adelaide Laser Skincare we offer a variety of facials tailored to suit your individual needs.


Resurface Recharge Rehydrate

Taking the world of skincare treatment to a new level. An indulgent yet result driven treatment. This treatment comfortably exfoliates the epidermas and polishes the skin on your face, neck, décolletage and hands. It delivers non-invasive transdermal infusion using sound waves to allow maximum absorption of active ingredients. Suitable for all skin conditions.

Indulge yourself in a relaxing environment with a High Performance Anti-Aging Facial in 3 steps:

  • microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation,
  • sonophosesis for infusion of active ingredients
  • followed by LED light therapy that stimulates cell renewal, boosts collagen and hydration

This anti-aging treatment will give you instant visible results and glowing skin without downtime.

A Medi-Cleanse Facial focuses on correcting and balancing your complexion.


  • steam
  • professional exfoliation
  • blackhead extractions

Great for acne, congested and oily skin. Add LED Light Therapy to destroy bacteria and calm inflamed skin.

The rejuvenation workout provides an instant recharge for dull skin and treats a range of skin concerns including dryness, skin congestion and break-outs. The combination of effective exfoliation methods in this workout will provide noticeable results and a refreshed, radiant complexion.

The replenish skin workout provides the ultimate hydrating treatment for tired, dull or dry skin. Encourages beautifully hydrated skin, softened fine lines and a smooth, even surface.

Effectively treating uneven skin tone, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, this gentle and non-invasive workout is a potent weapon against skin ageing. Skin will be left feeling smoother, with a soft healthy glow.
The skin pigmentation workout delivers a brighter and more even complexion. This fantastic workout includes a fast-acting peel treatment to combat pigmentation and sun damage while building collagen and boosting the hydration of the skin.
Treat acne from below the surface of the skin with this super effective treatment to clarify, soothe and prevent skin impurities. Gentle exfoliation combined with optimum levels of glycolic acid will treat acne and provide a thorough cleansing regime for oily and blemish prone skin. Skin is left clearer, smoother and refreshed.



Signature Facial (60 min)  $165
Medi-Cleanse  $115
Skin Workout  $115
Skin Workout + LED $155
Wow Facial (90 min) $225